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      She started lightly, as if he had awakened her from a dream.The crisis they had been anxiously waiting for at Oakfield was past, and Lady Druce was better; so much better that Norman could leave her for a few hours, though not long enough to go down to Belfayre. He had seen the paragraph in the papers stating that Esmeralda was ill at Deepdale, and he thought that he might, at any rate, run down there and hear how she was. Lady Wyndover would see him for a few minutes, and he should have tidings ofof all at Belfayre, and Lilias. And Lady Druce urged him to go.

      Esmeralda! he exclaimed, scarce above his breath. Do you mean that you offer me

      Thanks, said Lady Ada. I dont suppose the wedding is very far off. Why should you wait? And I shall be pleased to be one of your bride-maids. Lady Lilias will be one, of course?

      You have every right to ask me that question, Mr. Howard. It is my duty to answer. I have come in search of my wife.

      Mr. Pinchook looked at her and coughed.Norman nodded again.




      Almost at that moment the servant entered with a telegram from Lilias. It said:And he missed Norman by just a few yards and a few minutes. For as he walked out of the Marlborough, with his head bent low and his hot eyes fixed on the pavement, Norman turned the corner of St. Jamess Street. They were actually within hail of each other. If they had but known it!