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      "And what can I do for you?" he asked.

      4. To cause a movement of the valve after the hammer stops there must be an intermediate agent, that will continue to [163] act after the movement of the hammer drop has ceased.

      Prout was profuse. He was very anxious over those notes. He had certainly had the good fortune to take into custody one Ren Lalage, the brother to Leon Lalage, who had been murdered in the Corner House.

      CHAPTER XLIII. A SLICE OF LUCK."I've thought of all that," he droned.

      So far as he could see there were no signs of dust or desolation about the corner house. The hall was clean and bright, there was a thick carpet on the stairs. Every door was shut save one on the first floor, into which the fair beauty with the lovely hair led the way. Four or five gas jets were flaring away with a hissing roar. A draught from somewhere made them flicker restlessly on a large room absolutely devoid of furniture save for an old-fashioned four-post bedstead in the middle. The air was close and stuffy, as if the window had not been opened for months. There were barred shutters before them.



      "Didn't you hear something?" she whispered.


      "I am his clerk." In the car a flash of joy and then great decorum.


      "The spoon!" said Charlotte, with that smile which no man ever wholly resisted. "I leave the sword and its questions to my brother man, in the blue and in the gray--God save it!--and have pledged myself to the gray, to work from now on only under the yellow flag of mercy and healing."