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      "Col. Billings, some day I won't belong to the staff, and you won't have no shoulder-straps. Then I'll invite you to a little discussion, without no moderator in the chair."

      "Boys, there's the shebang or palace of the big Injun who used to be king of all these mountains and valleys," said Si, stopping the squad to give them a much needed rest. "He run this whole country, and had Injuns to burn, though he generally preferred to burn them that didn't belong to his church."

      mAriAr shE sEd did u EvEr No Ennything so Ridiklus."Burn him down!Burn him down!the hemmed murderer!"

      Shorty's face put on a severe look, as if his questioner was too inquisitive. "Jest up here to 'tend to some bizness," he answered briefly, and turned away as if to close the conversation.

      MRS. G.: Money won't do them any good. No. What we need is the government, to do something about this.

      "Well, I never kin tell t'other from which," replied Maria, petulantly. "And I don't have to. I don't care a hill o' beans whether a Corporal bosses or a Colonel, or t'other way. Anyhow, Si's no longer a Corporal. He's a Sargint."

      "Oh, do let's go away."


      "Wise are the masters." wife passed away last summer. You may think I was in a


      "I have forbidden them," she said, "but I have not stopped them. Nor will I. The fact that they are forbidden adds a certainspice to the parties themselves. My 'discovery' of one of them does shake the participants up a trifle, but this is a minor damage: more important, it keeps alive the idea of 'forbidden fruit'. The parties are extremely popular. They are extremely useful. Were I to permit them, they would soon be neither popular nor useful."