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      It was unpardonable, he said. And I do not deserve that you should listen to what I have to say. But I hope you will.Oh, Trafford! she said.

      He was not pallid or downcast, as the rejected rival is generally represented; on the contrary, his handsome face was flushed, and he was talking and laughing with what looked like an utter absence of embarrassment; but Esmeralda felt, rather than saw, that he avoided her eyes, and that he carefully looked away from her. It was a brilliant party, and there were many beautiful women present beside the bride. Lady Adas delicate, ethereal loveliness looked its best in her bride-maids dress, and Lilias seemed more petite and mignonne than ever in her virginal white and lace. Lady Wyndover was now indeed in her seventh heaven of happiness, and, a marvel of artistic make-up, looked little more than a girl as she beamed under the compliments of Lord Selvaine.

      Varley did not start, but he glanced keenly from under his long lashes at the worn and weary face."You'll come al-long too?" she pleadingly asked.

      A nephew of yours? said Esmeralda, with surprise. It was the gentleman who had been riding with the lady whose horse she had pulled down.

      As the reflection lingered in his mind, he heard the soft thud, thud of horses feet. It came so softly as to seem rather a part of his waking dreams than reality. He sat motionless for a moment or two; then he remembered the drivers warning, and, dismounting from his horse, cautiously drew it behind a projecting rock, and watched and listened.




      What jaunty fellows they were! and as their faultless ranks came close, their glad, buskined feet beating as perfect music for the roaring drums as the drums beat for them, Anna, in fond ardor, bent low over the rail and waved, exhorting Miranda and Constance to wave with her. So marched the chasseurs by, but the wide applause persisted as yet other hosts, with deafening music and perfect step and with bayonets back-slanted like the porcupine's, came on and on, and passed and passed, ignoring in grand self-restraint their very loves who leaned from the banquettes' edges and from balustraded heights and laughed and boasted and worshipped.


      "I don't claim to be good. But there's one thing, Nan Callender, I never did; I never chained up my lover to see if he'd stay chained. When Steve--"Esmeralda at lunch recounted her adventure to Lady Wyndover, telling it in the most casual way, and she was much surprised and puzzled when her ladyship almost dropped her knife and fork, and sunk back in her chair with an exclamation of annoyance.